iphone 6s cases reviews and protection guide line

Caseology is a brand new smartphone case and the company was kind enough to send four different covers of its iPhone 6s line to Cult of Mac for testing. As the overwhelming majority of victim cases at Amazon were rated 4 stars and 4 1/2 stars, I was curious to see if they met expectations.

I have to use a Navy Blue and Goldpink Savoy series, a series of Navy and Gold wavelengths, the Silver and Black Vault series and the Skyfall series in Light Gold and Pink. In short, they were all four of my favorite cases to honor my ipad mini 4 case.

Iphone cases

Let’s start with the first on the list and my absolute favorite. The navy and pink gold Savoy case is what I have been for over a week and I have received many awards. The chrome-gold details on the top and bottom, combined with the navy blue that covers most cases, simply screams elegance. Both slide and click together to make my iPhone a fashion item.

The box is made of polycarbonate, but the interior has a soft layer to prevent scratches on the phone. Being mainly made of polycarbonate, it is not the most protective of the group, but the quality of construction is solid. The buttons on the left and right sides are also completely exposed, but the edge around them should protect them from falling. I’m not clumsy with my iPhone, so Savoy achieves the perfect balance between lightness, beauty and protection.
The wavelength case was what I initially thought I wanted more. Like the Savoy case, it is also navy blue, but instead has regular golden accents. Navy Blue has a matching wavelength design that makes the case seem more masculine. It is also available in two parts with navy blue (or the color you choose) with TPU material and gold polycarbonate strip.

The TPU material must offer impact protection that Savoy’s all-polycarbonate best ipad mini 4 cases series can not offer. I also love the color combinations: navy blue and gold, which perfectly match the model of the Apple Watch, and I imagine many Coachella participants rock pink and gold coral.